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The Dark Arts - Black Magic


Black magic is stronger than white magic because it is power hungry. Having access to both good and evil (black and white magic), means the magician makes himself a god, white alone is not enough. A magician must have mastery of everything, if he is to succeed.

Black magic is the most potent power of all occult forces. If you have a problem you are struggling to solve, I can cast a black magic spell that will work, unlike white magic that at the most only slightly influences a situation in your favour. White magic usually fails because the problem it is trying to solve is normally bigger and more powerful than the white spell, whereas black magic will not take no for an answer, it overpowers all obstacles, it dominates a situation and takes complete control.

When a magician casts a black magic spell, the power is unbreakable and results are destined, whereas with white magic the power is not certain, many things can break it up, such has fear, doubt, worry and lack of faith - black magic is the reverse of white magic, it annihilates anything that gets in its way.

Black magic spells once executed cannot be stopped, therefore it should only be used by those who know what they want, because they will get it, there is no turning back.

I will look forward to assisting you shortly,

Your friend,

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